Terms of Service Update

Most Recent Changes

Rakuten PopShops, Inc. ("PopShops") has completely revised its Terms of Service ("TOS") effective at 5:00 p.m. (EST) on November, 19, 2013 ("Effective Date"). The following is a summary of the major revisions to the TOS:

  1. Section 2 (PopShops Service): Overall, the TOS have been updated to include the new PopShops Express Service, which is PopShopsÂ’ affiliate marketing subnetwork for publishers. This Section contains a description of the PopShops Express Service;
  2. Section 3 (Licenses): This Section includes a license to Merchant Content in the event that you subscribe to the PopShops Express Service;
  3. Section 5 (How You May Use The Service): We added an obligation for you to post a privacy policy that complies with all applicable laws;
  4. Section 6 (How You May Not Use the Service, Prohibited Uses): We added additional Prohibited Uses, many of which will pertain to the new PopShops Express Service;
  5. Section 7 (Commission, Reporting and Payments): We added PopShopsÂ’ payment and reporting obligations for use of the PopShops Express Services. We also clarified that you will only receive 1 Free Trial Period across any of the Service plans offered by PopShops;
  6. Section 12 (Your Warranty to PopShops): We added some additional warranties for you to this section as it relates to your use of any PopShops Service. Please read this Section carefully as we rely on these warranties and representations in granting you a subscription to our Services;
  7. Section 14 (Indemnity): We added some additional indemnities for you to this section as it relates to your use of any PopShops Service. Please read this Section carefully as it relates to your liability for violations of the TOS;
  8. Section 15 (Non-Disclosure): We added a confidentiality provision to the TOS that requires both you and PopShops not disclose certain information (including Merchant Information if you subscribe to PopShops Express) received during the Term of the Service;
  9. Section 17 (Changes to the Service; If We Cancel the Service): We added specific terms related to your obligations and payment terms upon cancellation of the new PopShops Express service.

If you wish to continue to use any PopShops Service on or after the Effective Date you will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms. If you do not wish to accept the revisions to the TOS, you must terminate the TOS in accordance with the specific termination provisions of the TOS.

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