More advertisers, better commission rates. Rakuten PopShops Express publisher accounts are a simple solution to monetizing your sites.

Thousands of advertisers

Our Express publisher accounts enable any publisher to start monetizing their website without having to manage relationships with individual advertisers.

We have partnered with thousands of advertisers representing the best online retailers, to provide publishers with the most up-to-date products and coupons available. The content for any advertiser in an Express account is instantly available to be on your website after signup.

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When a shopper clicks on a link from your website, our technology turns it into a paying link. If that shopper makes a purchase with the advertiser you will earn a commission for the sale.

Commissions vary between advertisers, and even within the advertiser depending on what type of products are purchased.


Our centralized reporting will help you to manage your earnings, analyze where clicks are coming from, and discover what your best performing advertisers and products are. Reports in your Rakuten PopShops Express account are updated daily.

No subscription fees

Unlike our Affiliate publisher accounts, there are no subscription fees to Express publishers.

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