List countries

Countries are used to identify where a particular merchant's offers are located.

Request URL


Response Formats


Required request parameters

Parameter name Type Kind Allowed values Default value Description
account account Your API account key. You can find this on your API keys account page.

Optional request parameters


Response results

Node Attribute Kind Data Type Description
countries The container for all individual countries.
country An individual country.
currency display string The encoded currency symbol for the country
idrequired primary_key integer The unique identifier for a country. This acts as a primary key that can be used to reference the country.
iso display string The two character ISO code for the country.
iso3 display string The three character ISO3 code for the country.
merchant_count count integer The number of merchants that belong to this country.
namerequired display string The display name of the country



Sample response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="200" message="ok">
    <countries count="5">
      <country iso3="AUS" merchant_count="1" currency="$" name="Australia" iso="AU" id="13"></country>
      <country iso3="CAN" merchant_count="30" currency="$" name="Canada" iso="CA" id="36"></country>

           "count": 5,
                   "iso3": "AUS",
                   "merchant_count": 1,
                   "currency": "$",
                   "name": "Australia",
                   "id": 13,
                   "iso": "AU"
                   "iso3": "CAN",
                   "merchant_count": 30,
                   "currency": "$",
                   "name": "Canada",
                   "id": 36,
                   "iso": "CA"
   "status": 200,
   "message": "ok"