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Rakuten PopShops is the largest aggregator of affiliate product and deals/coupon feeds with over 4,000 affiliate programs participating in Rakuten PopShops across all major affiliate networks.

Tens of thousands of affiliate publishers utilize Rakuten PopShops award winning tools and services to create custom affiliate storefronts, including super-affiliates who utilize Rakuten PopShops deals and price-comparison API services. Examples: price comparison, deals/coupons, product discounts, shops.

Rakuten PopShops makes Merchant advertiser product and coupon feeds more usable by providing your affiliate publishers with tools to better discover and promote your content. We offer two listing tiers for affiliate programs:

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1. Standard listing (Free)

  • Your affiliate product feed and coupons are integrated in Rakuten PopShops at no-cost to you.
  • Only your active affiliate publishers (approved by you) can monetize your products and deals.
  • Publishers keep 100% of their commissions.
  • Links track as they normally do.
  • Tracking stays between the affiliate network and your program.
  • Rakuten PopShops does not touch advertisers' relationships with publishers or affiliate network programs.
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2. Enhanced listings

  • Receive priority ongoing feed processing of your program in Rakuten PopShops.
  • Improve affiliate performance by offering affiliates customizable product and coupon widgets.
  • Increase affiliate utilization by distributing coupons with Javascript, CSV, XML and RSS formats.
  • Sign-up new affiliates with direct sign-up links to your program from Rakuten PopShops.
  • Promote program to affiliates with an exclusive discount on premium paid plans from Rakuten PopShops.
  • Receive priority customer support of your program in Rakuten PopShops.

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Please contact us at merchants@popshops.com

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