Build a product storefront instantly

Rakuten PopShops's award-winning ShopBuilder is the easiest way to earn money with your website. Our simple point and click system can add an e-commerce section on any website instantly

  • 100+ million product offers
  • 4,000+ advertisers
  • Customize your shop's appearance
  • Pop the storefront snippet of code into your site

Contact us if you have custom requirements, or if you would like to discuss a partnership opportunity.

Only available to affiliate publishers

Example storefronts

Basic storefront

Curry Plum


Chic Lass


Style editor

You have complete control over the look of your shops. You can customize fonts, buttons, text and more. All plans

AutoFeed technology

It's easy to automatically create SEO-friendly pages with products similar to the ones you chose. Data Pack, Enterprise or Pro plans

Keep 100% of commissions

Don't share your profits with us! As an affiliate you keep 100% of everything you earn. All plans

Time-saving administration

With our advanced shop management tools it's easy to track, update and organize your shops. Data Pack or Enterprise plans

Dynamic search

Add a search box to your storefront and give your customers access to millions of products. Data Pack or Enterprise plans

Easy SEO tuning

Set up SEO rules to replace or insert words into the titles, descriptions, or alt text for your shops. Data Pack or Enterprise plans

Custom links

Build your own custom links that match your site's domain name. Data Pack or Enterprise plans

Third-party tools

Access starter scripts, tools and plugins written by the Rakuten PopShops community for CMSs like Joomla and more. All plans

Custom affiliate tracking

You can create custom shop-level affiliate tracking as allowed by each of the network. Data Pack or Enterprise plans

Use multiple affiliate IDs

Create custom profiles and use an unlimited number of affiliate IDs to manage your websites. Data Pack and Enterprise